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What is StorageBox?
StorageBox is a server-less file system that makes all your data available on all your devices* - even when you're offline.
  • Server-less means: no account, no fees.
  • Storage space is only limited by the size of your hard disks.
  • Your files are only stored on your hard disks - not on a remote server you do not own or control.
  • Your data is stored on all your computers - and protected against loss of hard drives.
  • Works without internet connection: synchronize your laptop and tablet when you're on the road.
  • StorageBox tracks all your changes: changes can not get lost or accidentally overwritten.
StorageBox is WiP*. Stay tuned!
StorageBox is still under development. We are releasing versions as they become ready. Follow us on our Google+ Page.

StorageBox 0.1.0
(Windows only).

Requires Dokan 0.4.2. Attention: StorageBox 0.1.0 is an alpha technology preview release without access control. It may lose data and will make it accessible to others.